NCPDP-HL7 Pharmacist/Pharmacy Provider EHR Functional Profile

NCPDP and Health Level 7 (HL7) are proud to announce the ANSI approval and publication of the Pharmacist/Pharmacy Provider Electronic Health Records (EHR) System Functional Profile. The EHR System Functional Profile was developed through a joint Standards Development Organization (SDO) project of the HL7 Electronic Health Record Work Group and the NCPDP WG11 ePrescribing and Related Transactions. This collaboration was facilitated by NCPDP.

The functional profile defines system requirements to enhance the integration EHR functionality into pharmacy practice management systems and medication review and management functionality into EHR systems.

It will facilitate an EHR system’s capture of medication and clinical related data at the point of contact or point of care by specifying the functional requirements needed to support messaging among prescribers, pharmacist and pharmacy providers and other healthcare entities needing medication-related information.

The Pharmacist/Pharmacy Provider Functional Profile is available:

NCPDP Standards, Functional Profiles for EHR
(under the members-only section of the NCPDP website)

Some additional information on where to find the EHR on the HL7 website: